Indiana Jones and the Sacred Bit-beasts

Chapter 2:Meeting the Bladebreakers

“Hey, Hilary.”
“Hey, Max.”
He looked at me and asked,
“Who’s the really pretty girl?”
“This is my friend, Kairi Jones.”
“Im Max Tate!”
“It’s a pleasure to meet ya, Max.”
“Same here, Kairi. Doesn’t that mean Ocean Village?”
“Yea, it does.”
We walked into a room that had a navy haired boy, a brown haired boy, two tone haired one, and one that looked like me.
“Hey, Hilary. Hey, Max.”
“Hey, Kenny!”
The two tone haired boy looked at me for a second then looked away.
“Who’s the chick who looks kinda like Rei?”
“This is Kairi Jones.”
“Im Tyson,” he indicated to each boy as he said their name, “That’s Kenny, we call him chief, the one who looks like you is Rei, and the emo one is Kai.”
Each boy but Kai greeted me.
“Ur related to Doctor Henry Jones II, rite?”
“Yep, he’s my grandpa. He’s really cool.”
Tyson hugged me and said,
“I like u, ur nice!”
“Thanks. A lot of people tell me I’m too nice though.”
“Guys! We gotta practice for our battle with team phycik!”
The boys went outside to practice and I pulled Hilary aside.
“Hil, I’m here because sumthn happened.”
“What happened?”
“Some1 kidnapped my parents and I have to meet them at the local park at noon Wednesday.”
“Can we help?”
“I’ll think of a way, until then u have to act like I never told u this. Got it?”
“Yea, I promise I wont tell any1.”
She ran outside and watched the boys practice.
“Hey, home girl! I havent seen u here b4. U a friend of Hilary’s?”
“Yea, Im Kairi Jones.”
“Let me make ya sumthn 2 eat.”
I followed the elderly man into the kitchen.