Indiana Jones and the Sacred Bit-beasts

Chapter 3: The coversation

*Rei’s POV*
“Y do ya think Kairi looks like Rei,” Hilary asked Kenny.
“I dunno. They could b related or sumthn.”
“Chief, u heard her. She said her last name is Jones not Kon.”
“I remember my parents telling me that I had a little sister, but sumthn happened to her.”
“Did ur parents say what?”
“They said she got sick and passed on when we were a few months old.”
“Or, Kairi IS ur sister but ur parents gave her to the Jones’ because they couldn’t have children of their own.”
“How’s that possible, Kai?”
“TYSON! There r a lot of twin that get separated at birth.”
“I wanna long lost sister!”
Hilary rolled her eyes.
*After practice*
Maybe kai's rite, i told myself while watching her practice self defence.
"Hey, do u want sum1 2 practcie with?"
She looked at me and said,
"if you wanna, but i play rough."
"I need 2 brush up on my martial arts anyway," i replied shrugging