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hey look at me, posting two days in a row! *thumbs up*
so i promised some pictures from our recent camping trip, but i suppose i'll have to do one per post since theO has strict limits on html usage...

this is half moon bay, california (and one of my favorite shots i got on the trip). it was the last evening--if you look closely, there are still a handful of surfers in the water. i was lucky to get a few snaps of them in action as well. the sky is a bit hazy because of the marine layer (just the natural mist from the ocean) and because of all of the fires in cali right now.
i awoke the last morning camping with an inspiring feeling--luckily a had brought some paper along ;]

'I awoke with an exciting realization this morning:
I'm almost on my own
can you believe it?
now, what to do?
oh, what a grand adventure!
Free to do anything I want
Mistake or not, it's all just a learning experience
Life: "take it with a grain of salt"
It's so colorful, you won't need much.
Now is the time for goal-seeking
See each beauty of every country
Learn every language that's new to you
Show the world that peace is possible
Free the music that's living in you'

a bit cheesy, but i rather like the ending. it reminds me of miyavi's songwriting in a way...just the positive 'do your own thing, pick yourself up when you fall' type thing, though he's pro at writing lyrics and i'm...blah. prose is my forte, not poetry lol