hey, welcome to a blah blah site with oodles of lost personality xDDD


hey look at me, posting two days in a row! *thumbs up*
so i promised some pictures from our recent camping trip, but i suppose i'll have to do one per post since theO has strict limits on html usage...

this is half moon bay, california (and one of my favorite shots i got on the trip). it was the last evening--if you look closely, there are still a handful of surfers in the water. i was lucky to get a few snaps of them in action as well. the sky is a bit hazy because of the marine layer (just the natural mist from the ocean) and because of all of the fires in cali right now.
i awoke the last morning camping with an inspiring feeling--luckily a had brought some paper along ;]

'I awoke with an exciting realization this morning:
I'm almost on my own
can you believe it?
now, what to do?
oh, what a grand adventure!
Free to do anything I want
Mistake or not, it's all just a learning experience
Life: "take it with a grain of salt"
It's so colorful, you won't need much.
Now is the time for goal-seeking
See each beauty of every country
Learn every language that's new to you
Show the world that peace is possible
Free the music that's living in you'

a bit cheesy, but i rather like the ending. it reminds me of miyavi's songwriting in a way...just the positive 'do your own thing, pick yourself up when you fall' type thing, though he's pro at writing lyrics and i'm...blah. prose is my forte, not poetry lol

Concerts Galore!!!


Hey guys, sorry I've been away from the sites so long...I'm still totally oblivious in terms of "Version Vibrant" settings, so pardon my lame site.

How have you been? May was extremely busy for me!!! I had no "free time" what-so-ever but I was able to do a lot of cool stuff (ie. Race for the Cure, a local International Triathalon (volunteered), cut and dyed my hair (Miku blonde/cut), -MIYAVI- CONCERT!!!, and Fanime including an AN CAFE CONCERT!!!).
For Fanime I cosplayed Ryuusei Rocket Miku 0(^.^)0 Nyappy!

I actually went to both concerts by myself too o.O but apparently I'm really good at sneaking (and pushing and shuving XD) my way to the front, so I got an excellent view of both performances. I HELD -MIYAVI-'S STRUMMING FINGERS WHEN HE LEANED OUT OVER THE CROWD OMG!!! With that, my concert experience was complete haha!

p.s. (lol) both -Miyavi- and An Cafe members sound sooooooooo cute speaking 'broken' English! *hugs*

Tomorrow (Thursday) is my last day of finals, then I'm freeeee!!!! to go to work -_- lol, but I'm actually glad to be going back--I need to earn money to go on a homestay trip in Japan next summer.

Love ya,
Bye bye