I know, I just keep switching my worlds. Now I'll take requests from people on theO to cut out characters,etc from scans. Some people will be helping, but please keep the need for clone-stamping to a minimum. All blank pngs that are finished I will post the download link on this world. Thank you.

I'm a vampire!

Blank PNG Requests!

Hello everyone! I am now accepting requests to make blank pngs. I decided to make this world based on requests from others. So...


1.) 2 PER PERSON! Please do not request more than two scans per week!

2.) MINIMAL CLONE-STAMPING! Please keep the need for clone-stamping to a minimum.

3.) NO ECCHI/HENTAI! Like in my challenges please keep everything pg13! No hard-core stuff!!!

4.) HELP...would be nice. I've recruited one other person to help with cutting out scans. If you would like to join, please pm me.

I'm a vampire!

This Vampire's wishlist (2)

Here is this vampire's wishlist for the Secret Valentine's Day event hosted this year by zombiusagi. I just love a good holiday event!

1.) xxxHolic (Any one of the main characters are fine)

2.) Blue Exorcist (Any character is fine, but I would love one of Angel, Mephi or Sheimi.)

3.) Lovely Complex (aka Love.Com, Anyone except Mimi)

4.) Future Diary (Akise, Yukiteru, Yuno)

5.) Ghost in the Shell (Any character)

6.) Vocaloid (No Miku or Luka please)

7.) Abstract

I'm a vampire!

Tagged again

Again since I'm too lazy to tag other people at the moment I may update this later. Tag #5 by 21Emmz12 1.) Favorit...

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Forgive me... I will answer these questions but at the present moment in time I am way too lazy to tagg anyone else. I will update this if I decide to tagg others. Tag #1 by ...

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A vampire's wishlist

Hello everyone it is I participating in ItachiSasuke's Secret Santa event! So without further ado here is my wishlist!
1.) A Vocaloid wallpaper! Kaito, Miku, Gakupo, Rin and/or Len!

2.) A Bleach wallpaper with Hitsugaya!

3.) An abstract art wallpaper! ('Cause I love abstract art!)

4.) An xxxHolic wallpaper. Domeki, Watanuki, Himawari, Yuko, and/or Makona.

5.) A Ghost in the Shell wallpaper!

6.) A Jigoku Shoujo wallpaper!

Thank you very much

I made this myself!