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Some Years Ago
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Now I remember why I don't use markers. It's because I HATE THEM. Markers are the worst things ever to make mistakes with, because you can't erase or hide it or anything. It's just BAM. YOU MESSED UP. NOW YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE YOU DID IT ON PURPOSE.

Anyways. Hey, a picture! 8D I really surprised myself with this one, because I did it all in 2 days. That's pretty quick for me... xD; Usually I'll sketch something and be too lazy to ink it ever. :V But yeah. I wanted to practice coloring with markers, so I did this. BLUH BLUH MARKERS. The colors are pretty off with this. Idk why the blue stripe is SUCH A BRIGHT CYAN. Dx Marker drawings never like being scanned. ""orz

This is supposed to be Stefan when he was in college, but I won't blame you if you think he looks like normal Stefan. -u-b Pretty much the only differences are his hair's a little longer, his bangs are (barely) different, and he's not wearing a suit. WHAT ARE THESE SLIM-FIT BROWN CHINO PANTS... Idk if Stefan would actually wear skinny pants, but they're practically the only pants I know how to draw. Ssssoooo... :D He probably also would not ordinarily wear shoes like that. I just wanted to color two-toned shoes.

I really wanted to name this "Stefan sitting on nothing while leaning on nothing with a blue stripe in the background" in reference to this old drawing, but I had a feeling a really long title would be bothersome to most of you in your backroom. xD;

I feel like I've been drawing weird noses lately.
Meh. :^D

DEDICATED TO MY SISMANCE AFTERGLOW because she told me she checked her backroom a couple days ago, and found nothing new by me.

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college stefan, markers, oc, original character, prismacolor, stefan, sunglasses, tie
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