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DREW THIS FOREVER AGO due to portfolio potential but then I decided against it.

Rei's design is still going through some tweaking, especially her sword designs, but hopefully I'll have an official looking ref soon :) (THOUGH CAN'T PROMISE because I always end up breaking my promises OTL)

If anyone knows websites with killer sword references though hook me up. I totally suck at drawing them at different angles. Though I COULD PURCHASE MY OWN SWORD yeah college student and money.

Also, I was hoping to spend my whole Christmas break on LiaC pages, but I got bogged down by a hella ton other projects, and I still need to make like 4 other pieces for my portfolio that I need to make (I wish I could paint and use other colored mediums IRL because I'd be done in a jiffy but in reality I have no idea what I'm doing sob). i've had a lot of really good LiaC dialog in my head and now that I've played through BBS again, the backgrounds in the upcoming pages should be a lot better. I've also developed a good plan on how I want her dynamic to be with other characters and I was thinking about typing it up b/c why not. I JUST REALLY WANT TO WORK ON LIAC UGH


Anyways, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season~~

Thank you for viewing! :D

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