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And I Cannot Be Hurt
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ETA: widescreen is the way to go!

W00t, first wall in three months! Not vectoring feels good :D While I did make some progress with some projects, I'm still nowhere near finishing, which is depressing *sulks* Meanwhile, have some grunge walls :3 This one is made for Miku; girl, I knew I had to make you something when you sounded so sad in your last post *hugs* I want to recommend the song as well -Center Of The Sun by Conjure One-, since I feel it has an optimistic message even though it's sad:

The girl is a (reluctant) prostitute. Her eyes are red from crying, because she hates what she does. The boy pities her. (explanation by ReplicarsCoUk) There's also the hope she has, she still doesn't give in to her sadness and chooses to retreat in her own sanctuary instead of breaking down. (by me)

Solar Stone's Chilled Out Remix is also love. Give it a listen, you won't regret it.

As usual, visit CoA for 1920 x 1080 and blue versions :) The blue ones were inspired by me listening to Collide's Wings of Steel.

Flipped the scan a few times before deciding on the current placement, cleaned it up (Blur Tool is ttly the new Freeform Pen Tool <3), corrected the colors, slapped the textures and ground my teeth because of the text. Made this simpler for people with lots of junk on their desktop that they're too lazy to clean up (yay!)

Other details:
27 layers / 75 MB
Scan: Another by Yanagi
Textures: InTheName Stock, Buzillo Stock (one of these, forgot which), Saphitri Stock, a water droplets texture from ToStandAlone on DA (they deactivated their account), Didier Bernard
Fonts: Windsong, Orator -something, too lazy to check-; the small text is (are?) the lyrics

Hope you like it, and thank you for any views, comments, faves and/or hugs, they make me a happy camper :) *runs off to read yaoi work on projects*

P.S. Miku, here's a song to cheer you up :D If this doesn't work, I don't know what will.

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