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Summer Boys
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OMG OMG OMG!!! I dislike my friends. THEY RUINED MY a good way that is!!! lol I have seen these guys floating around and kinda ignored the fact they existed but then a few friends are forming a cosplay group so I wanted to know what this was about....DARN IT!!! Just in the 1:30, I was hooked....I mean seriously 6 hot and I mean HOT guys singing like that...I'M SOLD!!! xD

I am only on episode 3 but I love the character designs the personalities and everything!! So amazing!! Makes me swoon when they sing!! So yeah...thanks to them I am addicted to a NEW anime but also found some inspiration once again thank god!!!

Anyway added a few textures and redid the coloring :) Hope you like it!!!

Uta no Prince-sama Wallpapers
boys, music, summer, sunflower, uta no prince-sama, utapri
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