Yeah, this world is what is going on in my head and my life. (Well some of what is going on in my head...not everything. Just wanted to clear that up for you.) So yeah, hope you like reading what I have to say. Don't forget to comment to. I would like to know what you think of my world you know. Cause if it sucks, I would like to kno. So, yeah, that's it!!

Requests Anyone?

Hey there fellow members of the Otaku!, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm trying to get some inspiration going here. It would be very nice and well appreciated if you guys, could help me out. Right now, I'm kinda stumped and I have no idea on...

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A summer full of NOTHING

I know I have been seriously slacking on my posts and you're probably wondering what I have been doing all this time. Well the answer to that is absolutely nothing. I graduated from high school (finally!) and now Io'm at the stage in life where I decide what I am going to do next. I was suppose to have gotten a scholarship to go to the University of Phoenix and all my hopes and future plans were on that however I did apply for another school as a back up thing but things went terribly wrong. I never receive any further information about that scholarship. I wrote those essays got them check by numerous of people who all said it was excellent I turned it in to the person who was responsible for it and have not heard a thing I would have called and see what was going on, but I have no contact information though they have all of mine. But whatever. I'm cool time to forget about that and move on to plan C.

All this time I've been dong quite a lot of thinking on what it is I'm going to do since I know I cannot continue to spend my days not doing anything but watching anime and browsing the web. (strange how while I was in school all I wanted to do was nothing at all, now that I'm doing that nothing I want to do something. lol) So I came to the conclusion that I will do what I had in mind for like ever. I'ma go to an art school.This is something that I know I can do and won't suck at and I know that I will enjoy doing it as well. I don't think I will be in school by this fall, probably not until winter but yeah, I have to get working on my portfolio. I need to have some good quality masterpieces in there so my days of doing nothing are going to be filled with drawing and arting and stuff.

I feel like its going to be kinda difficult to get my awesomeness back since I haven't drawn anything really since may. I'm probably going to be a bit rusty. Not to mention I need to find a way to get inspired. To tap into my imagination and creative spirit, I'm going to attempt to write some poems off the top of my head and probably try to post at least one a day.

Well umm, that's it for now I guess.

Your Japanese Name!

Yeah here I am, posting some stuff. It's been months since the last time I typed anything. My laziness and my procrastination has gotten the better of me these days. Ah well. Hopefully I will get better at doing this thing.

I thought this would be a nice fun little thing to do. You know, find out your Japanese name lol. Feel free to enjoy yourself and post your Japanese name in the comments if you want to. ^^

My name is pretty long Arichikashitakijirichi Noshikitomikuariari
lol who dares try to pronounce that?

What I Have Been Doing

Well, here is and update on my life. Since I am here I might as well tell you.

So recently, I have been bustin my chops on some e2020. For those who may not be familiar with the terminology, e2020 is online learning course. Basically like a regular class, but it's all on the internet. All your reading materials, homework, quizzes exams, instruction etc is online. The beauty of this, is that its fairly easy to do for the most part. Also you can find just about all the answers on the internet. ^^ (like I have been doing...Don't tell anyone!I think that's considered cheating lol xD)

Anyways, if some of you have been following my post since I first made my account, you will see that the major fault with this type of learning is that it helps aid one in procrastination. You see, its soo easy that you think, "oh I can just do it later" Later gets here and you don't do it and before you know it, you have a week left of school and you have to work you butt off to catch up and get that class finished. You would have thought that the first time I done this, I would have learn that I couldn't do it the following year. However, I, in my youth, was very very stupid. How stupid you may ask? Stupid enough to watch yaoi in school...and the teacher could watch our screens and see what we were looking at from there computer... yeah wasn't very smart but that's another story)

Anyways after three years, the classes which I haven't finished has come upon me my senior year and I must finish them or I don't graduate. Now, you must be thikin, she is really working hard. Again your wrong. I have fell victim to my old ways although I'm trying..and I am REALLY trying focus doesn't come easy. I only have 2 classes to go and there more than half way finished. I know the work is easy and its even more easy with half of the answers being online somewhere, but for some reason I haven't been working as I know I could. If only I could find that work ethic I always seem to get when there's like 2 days of school left and I need to finish or I fail attitude I could finish them in less then a week. Once you actually sit own and do the work and stay focus one sees that it is not hard at all to do.

*Sighs* This is my life. T.T doomed to procrastination.

So yeah that's basically what I have been doing. Trying to focus on getting these classes finished but always getting sidetracked by things that aren't important. Sometimes I even sit down and waste time when I should be working trying to think of other things I should be doing. lol xD I also been thinking about college recently too...But yeah more on that later. I think I've ranted enough on this one post.

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As always, I haven't posted anything in this world of mine. I'm guessing for those of you who actually read and look at what I post you would notice that I am off and on quite frequently. To be honest, I just get lazy with typing stuff xD

That and because my life isn't all that exciting. Shocking isn't it? I know I must seem like the most adventurous person you have ever came into contact with but even exciting people like me can be boring. I hope I don't sound too full of myself. Sometimes I do think I sound a bit narcissistic in my posts which isn't my intention. (I am usually being sarcastic and joking.) I know sometimes sarcasm just doesn't translate so well on the internet via or whatever.

As I probably mention countless of times, I tend to go on and on and on about things and I put so much detail into whatever I'm writing that post become so long. I mean I could take 5 pages just to convey something that could have been done in 1 sentence. With that being said, I'm going to stop right now before I began babbling on and on about something that has no relevance to anything at all.

~Nice Talking to you