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Just Somebody

Holy crap, I haven't submitted anything since freakin' June. Dude.

This was kinda sorta supposed to be done until the deadline for the new feature, but I obviously fail at delivering on time, so I ended up entering it now :D I'm ttlly not procrastinating on a wall for a different contest.

I didn't make this with a specific challenge in mind, though. It came to be when I listened to Gotye and Kimbra's Somebody That I Used To Know, which I was introduced to by a friend who said it was an earworm to her (thanks, now it's mine too!).
Either way, even though this features a couple, I kind of see it as the situation that I feel is currently going on between me and one of my best friends (who is a girl): ever since she got a new boyfriend, she changed radically and at first I didn't even recognize her; she started behaving so much more maturely, she was much less willing to joke and relax, more proper and sort of guarded. I'm used to it by now but there are still moments when I feel like she's pushing me away.

And even if it doesn't have anything to do with us, "to know" is flipped for a reason - so you can use it in a different situation, where "Now you're just somebody that I used" is applicable.

Also, return of the grunge! :o

Anyway, on towards the credits!
Scan: by ain93
Two textures from InTheName Stock, one from cloaks (will look for them once I get over my phobia of trawling ITNS's gallery...maybe)
Font is Copperplate Gothic Bold. Yes, I used a system font. I went there.

Thank you in advance for the comments/favs/downloads/views/rotten vegetables! ^w^ *runs off to cram for tomorrow's exam*

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