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Bossman Cupcake Sorcerer
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This is my entry to Adam's bossman cupcake contest. I kept what Adam said about having the cupcake be half blue and half red and it was pretty open from there. I figure, if you're an evil bossman cupcake, your powers and strength would be in magic rather than physical strength, hence why I made him a sorcerer or wizard or magician or whatever you want to call it.

I also wanted to do something with the cherry because it doesn't seem like a cherry would just sit atop his head rather, he'd be the bossman cupcake's evil minion!! You know, the little dude that would really tick you off when playing the final boss because you'd be like, ONE hit from killing the boss but you'd be almost dead too but than you'd go to attack and suddenly, his little minion would block your final blow and like, tap you and you'd be dead and then you'd get all ticked off and throw the controller or mouse across the room in a fit of rage...okay, getting off the subject.

So yeah, that's what I thought the bossman cupcake would be like.

Medium: Drawn in pencil than outlined in Manga Studio Ex and the coloring was completed in Photoshop...my 3rd digital piece! WOOT!

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bossman cupcake
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