Michiyo Shimizu (Fan Art Portfolio) The Otakuboard's Very Own Sniper

The Otakuboard's Very Own Sniper
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Well I was waiting for the day I was going to upload this and HERE IT IS. ... and on a very sad day too lol >>; Too many celebrity deaths today .-. RIP all of them >>;

But, on the happy side.... >> I'm very proud to say this is my first ever official commission from anyone :'D and I was very honored to actually do a commission for the commissioner since this was a huge project for them they had been planning strenuously for quite some time. :'D I took a great deal of time through stress and bits of free time during the school year to actually do this work XD It was fun, guns are fun to draw ~ *is shot* But it was a very nice concept/goal for the commissioner and I was interested in it XD I'm glad how the picture turned out, the waves were a toughy but it turned out fine o:
Here's the original idea by the commissioner herself: "Here's the idea I was talking about the other day. You see there’s a bit of a running joke among the moderators that when Desbreko hires a new staff member, he stalks the boards before firing off the shot to tranquilize and snag the new moderator."

I hope you like it, Des, and everyone who viewed :'D

Reference used: http://img148.imageshack.us/i/evakaji7kf.jpg/

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Wave_off_Kanagawa <--- This one was also used... however I gave up on doing my own style for it since that was the original idea, I could not draw the waves too well D': lol (nor do I know how to vector xD;) so I just used it for a bit of details. :/

All done in PS7 and took around 20+ hours

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