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Enchanted Eyes
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It feels good to be doing some art for a change!

For some time, I've had this great idea for a sci-fi story going on, but it just doesn't seem to be able to make a good book. There are just too many visual aspects of the story. If I had the patience or the drawing skills, I would love to make this story into a comic of some sort. Who knows. It could be a summer project possibly.

Anyways, this is an Andromedian, or a species of intelligent aliens that we humans run across when we first set out into the far reaches of our galaxy. Their name is a misnomer (kinda like the Indians, I guess), since they're actually from the Milky Way galaxy instead of the Andromeda galaxy like we humans originally thought. Anyways, they are wolflike creatures (as you can see) and are about the size of bears or small horses. They walk on four legs and have opposable thumbs, but are also able to semi-walk on two legs for short times.
The most notable thing about the Andromedians, though, is what we call 'accelerated evolution' - they are able to adapt to completely new environments over the course of a few days to a few years. (The Andromedians speed up the process from a few million years to only a few at the most) An Andromedian's DNA is capable of mutating at a rapid pace to allow the alien to breathe an entirely new gas or keep from being crushed on a high-gravity planet. It's really pretty useful.
The type of Andromedian shown is nitrogen-breathing. These types like to consider themselves the 'pure' form of Andromedian since their home planet has a nitrogen atmosphere. They're notorious for being haughty and thinking themselves superior to other Andromedians (though I think I would be arrogant too with a face like that)

Anyways, that's about all I have to say. Hope you all have a great day!

Photoshop cs2 - 2 hours

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alien, blue, dark, eyes, face, mga, purple, wolf
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