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Above and Beyond
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In order to make my style evident at all its best I require to draw my most favourite yet challenging picture. If you look at my previous works you can easily deduce which are my favourites XD.
Moving on to the questions you asked:

When did you begin drawing?

I began drawing since I first discovered the drawing media. I think it must have been in the kindergarten when I used to draw with crayons. When I was only 1 year old, I picked up a paintbrush as my favourite object from the various things in front of me (this is a tradition of our country intended to predict some future happenings). From there onwards, in the primary I began to draw Pokemon. As you can see I am still doing so as I like them a lot.

Did you create your own style or is it an inspiration/mixture of many different famous styles?

My style is a mixture of many styles I saw during my life from teachers and colleagues with a twist of my own. It is continuously evolving to the better I guess (although there are some dropdowns as well). I really get inspired from these two legendary Pokemon which makes me create my favourite artworks. I also used to copy someone else’s pictures and introducing my style in them. This fan art is a case in point XD.

How long have you been sticking to your style?

I do not stick to one style as I believe that there is no ultimate style until now. When I reach my goal, that is: I could not develop my skills and style any further, I will stick to that style, or maybe, try to develop it more.

Are you satisfied enough to keep your style going far into the future or do you still think there is room for improvement?

I am certain that there is much room for improvement in my style and so I do not intend to keep my style like this. I just go with the flow and let the style develop further. This does not mean that I am unhappy with my style, indeed I am 

Well, I guess I have talked way too much; I will leave the rest of the talking for you all. Thanks for the challenge, it really made me give it all I’ve got.

Pokemon Fan Art
birds, clouds, desert, flying, heart gold, ho-oh, legendary, lugia, pokemon, sky, soul silver, sun
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