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Christmas Performers
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This piece of work is dedicated to my dear twin and Hika-chan, Shiphrah. Since I gave her my last colored picture of the twins, she shall get this one (other than the fact that I drew it with her in mind XD) for her drawing part of her Christmas present.

And so, here is their story for you: Imagine this my dear, they are in fact in leotards, at a dance recital for a Christmas version of Alice in Wonderland as the Cheshire cats. *Grins* Because we know that you love anything ballet orientated, and I would rather die than draw them i PINK leotards. *shudders*

Thank you so much to Dyana-chu for the idea of doing them red and white like peppermint sticks ^^, and you notice how they each have their own shade of green? ^^

And thank you to SSJ for dealing with me asking her to look at how it was coming out every five seconds. XD <3

So there you are, Hika-chan, ballet performing twins. What else could make you happier? ~<3

Fun fact: The other Hitachiin one was uploaded almost exactly a year ago XD.

Oh yes, and the Cyrillic on the side reads 'Always Twins' and on the bottom it reads 'Christmas 2010' and of course my initials as the tiny writing.

~Merry Christmas my twin. <3~

Oh yes, and Happy Thanksgiving!

I'll hand this over to you on Monday, and will try to refrain from giving you the rest of your present until closer to Christ's birthday. ^^

Ouran High School Host Club Fan Art
2010, ballet, cat, cheshire, christmas, club, costume, high, highschool, hikakaou, hikaru, hitachiin, host, kaoru, love, ohshc, ouran, perform, performers, school, thanksgiving, twins
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