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Gifts beloved blood: Merry Xmas, Momma Blood!! XD~ AlexaClyne: Merry Christmas Blood-chan! <33 beloved blood: =O_O= Prussia in a box!! <3~ beloved blood: =O_O= Prussia in a box!! <3~ beloved blood: Oh,look!Pie! *takes the turkey and runs* beloved blood: XD HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! >XD!!! beloved blood: XD HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! >XD!!! TimeChaser: Happy HallowBirthWeenDay!.. Uh, yeah. XP dyanaanime: B-chaaaaaaaaan! Happy birthday <3 ReiKiba: Dear Hunty! ;D Happy Birthday! <333 smoking crimson: Like an AMGR! SaiKat: Happy Birthday~ <3 : Have an amazing halloween! :D beloved blood: *Cyan makes kissy face* SaxGirl: Thanks for entering my challenge!^^ beloved blood: ^o^ I got your letter!!!<3<3~laters! beloved blood: *Cyan takes a bite out of cookie* ^o^ XkeyofdestinyX: congrats on the premotion~ beloved blood: Dahling!!! *dinosaur smooch* bwa haha!! beloved blood: I HAVE NOT DISAPPEARED, MY LOVE!!!<3 beloved blood: Yum!!!<3~ Cyril~ : Happy Easter! ChibiSasuke: Happy Easter, Blood! SaiKat: Happy Easter! Evil bunny for joo >:3 lunastarz: Happy Easter <3 ecnelisterger: Happy Easter~ :) Timcanpy14: Happy Easter~ AlexaClyne: HAPPY EASTER BLOOD-CHAN! 8D ItachiSasuke: Thanks for entering my challenge ^_^ nirvana donut: thanks for the entry! xoxoxo Hero Dude: AWESOME PERSON! Behind Blue Eyes: Thank you for the Gift. For you, a Rose TheDarkAngel: Thanks for the sub~! Let's be friends~! smoking crimson: OVER 9000... uh, I mean, 100 SUBBERS~ RR SaiKat: To 100 subs! >:3 Bah-nah-nah ecnelisterger: Congrats for the promotion! :D fma17: A lil something to brighten your day :) Support KIRA: Happy Bloody Axe Day~ I mean...whoops.. Support KIRA: And you have MY Axe >:}> beloved blood: Happy New Year, my love!!! >8D SarahPatricia: May 2011 be a wondrous year! AlexaClyne: Merry Christmas~!! Support KIRA: A New blade for your adventures! M-Xmas! beloved blood: It's blood flavored ice cream >XD ecnelisterger: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! beloved blood: *Bloody ice cream from Cyan to Cyril*XP beloved blood: HAPPY FATTENING DAY!!! >8O Support KIRA: Some blood for Blood. Happy Turkey day! wallpaperotaku: Happy thanksgiving! : *grell pose* We shall rule the world! <3 beloved blood: Happy birthday!!! *throws blood* ^o^ beloved blood: *YOU MAY TAKE OVER THE WORLD NOW!!* Support KIRA: Happy Birthday <3 <3 beloved blood: YO!!! <3, for ur first con!!! ^o^ :3 beloved blood: RAWR!!!!! *tackle glomps* >8D Puppet Mistress: Thanks for the resubbers :3 Support KIRA: Ba-na-na >3 beloved blood: *throws roses on ur portfolio* thanks!! beloved blood: Happy 4th of July V.V *glass of blood* Support KIRA: Have Fun...mwahahaha beloved blood: For your lunch breakXD! Congrats!! XD XD beloved blood: *throws roses at your head* XD lunastarz: *huggles* Welcome To Our MOD Team~ : Welcome to the MOD team....I guess AlexaClyne: For ze Huntress of Blood. :P beloved blood: Wat? No, it's not a regular strawberryXD beloved blood: And for you,too,my dahling!! PurebloodLord: Hope is not as far away as it seems. beloved blood: And may blood flow over u always!!XD beloved blood: May the luch of the leprehchaun follow u Puppet Mistress: Happy St. Patty's Day! ^^ PurebloodLord: Have a wonderful Valentine's Day. beloved blood: HAHAHAHA! BE MINE VALENTINE!!!:P KitKatKitty: Congrats on the promotion! aoi bara: thankz for taking part in Anime Centre! meirin: hope u can stil rmmbr me;Happy New year! narutofangirl8: happy holidays! beloved blood: Merry Xmas, to you, my dear!!*kissy* mimilove4: Merry Christmas and happy 2010!! :D SakuTech: Thanks ((n . n) ReiKiba: friends forever! nin-chaz: 3rd place winner fma17: Thanks for being a sweet friend :) beloved blood: SMEXY BOMB!!!MWAHAHAHAHA!! HAPPY B-DAY!! mimilove4: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Have a great day!! :D : I Hope this day is as special as you are beloved blood: Bloody pocky from the darker dark side!! mimilove4: A fluffy panda for my sweet friend!^__^ sand chronicles: hey! Kasbaarg: Here's the pocky I owe you beloved blood: Good luck on your costume^^XD!!!!!
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