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This is my OC Luther from my RP Crimson Night's (I actually finished drawing him over a week ago but just got around to coloring him =_=.)
Name?:Luther Stone
Weight?:150 lbs.
Eye color?:Silver
Hair color?:Red
Hair style?:Its length is down to his neck and has a spiky look to it.
Skin tone?:Slightly tanned
Piercings?:One piercing on his right ear with a dangling ruby earring
Full outfit?:He has a a double spiked collar with a silver broken chain on it.,He wears a sleeveless red shirt with black around his shirt collar.,A sliver broken chain draped across his chest that ends behind his back and is held together with a skull emblem.,he has two spiked belts that crossed together.,black jean pants that are torn,goth boot's, and spiked armlets on each of his forearms.
Weapon (If any)?:A scythe with a black blade with two crossed chains wrapped around it (They can extend and wrap around his victim.),and a skull on the top.(The blade can produce fire.)
Relationships?:He had a Fallen Angel girlfriend that was killed by Humans.
Birth Date?:5/7/1991
Born where?:The underground city with the other's that where cast out of the promise land.
Hobbies?:Fighting,sharpening his blade,hunting humans,and napping in tree's under the red moon.
Personality?:He hates humans for killing his girlfriend and killing the earth while the Fallen Angel's rot under ground,but he does not hate Angel Warriors he just thinks there on the wrong side,he tries to avoid killing them if he can.,When he's not on hunting missions for killing humans he can be found napping in the tree's,He takes his hunting and fighting very seriously and will complete them no matter what.,He has no sympathy for humans and thinks there destructive and evil creatures.,He does however think Angel Warrior's can be changed and they should work together with Fallen Angel's to claim earth as there's.He has a rude mouth and puts his pride first before his life.
Likes?:Killing humans,Napping,women,and dragons.
Dislikes?:Humans,being beaten in a fight,being ordered around (Even though it happens a lot with the generals of the Fallen Angels.)
Weakness?:Water (Since his weapon is fire based.)
Strengths?:Fire,Killing humans (He's a expert.)
Back round?:He was not one of the original Fallen Angel's that was cast out of the promise land (The ones that are the originals are over 500 years old and are the Generals of the Fallen Angel's army.) he was born under ground and was harshly trained every day in the art of combat,when the moon turned red that was the day he got to test his skills with his girlfriend on a human hunting raid,He killed a total of 253 humans on that raid but his girlfriend was not as well trained as he was and was killed in the first raid.,This just fueled his hatred toward humans now he takes great pleasure out of killing every human he see's.
Dreams for the future (or goal)?:To wipe out the humans and finally live on the surface.
Worst fear?:Losing to the humans and his people having to live underground again or be wiped out completely.
Are you a Angel Warrior,Human,or Fallen Angel?:Fallen angel.
What is your Holy Animal or Tainted Animal (This only applies to Angel Warriors and Fallen Angels.)?:A black and gold dragon that is about 20 feet long and 200 lbs with a 50ft wing span,He can talk he is a very hateful dragon towards humans and Angel Warrior's and thinks Luther is foolish for trying to create a ally out of the Angel Warrior's,he calls them filthy half bloods.

Hope you like him ^-^.

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Crimson Nights, fallen angel, luther, RP
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