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Kerryn Tangia pencil sketch

I had the need to submit SOMETHING ;XD! And since traditional is much quicker for me I got to use my dusty pencils >D! and my dusty scanner, but yeah I just wanted to show that I HAVE been practicing and NOT sitting around all day doing nothing -_-;;;, but I'm actually surprised with myself considering the progress I made in body proportions when I saw my improvement I freaking cried o-o. but isn't that the best thing for someone who's been practicing?;just to see the finish product and that's it's better then what you used to do lightens you soul ^~^!~ It is 9:00am here and I'm still kinda drowsy I have been up since 5am D=! but coffee shall sooth my sleepiness so I can do something -w-.~ Oh! sorry kinda went on for longer then I thought o-o; this is my OC Kerryn (meaning dusky and pure) Tangia (meaning the angel), she's from one of my one shot stories I have freaking tooooonnnnsss DX!, but this one shot has earned my love ;XD! But you will not be seeing it until I get more freaking practice you hear me D<!?

Uh owo....... time used:15 minutes I should've took longer I know ;XD., tool used:scrap paper, a eraser, and a pencil DUH. Uh so finally end of my long way to long explaination =D!~ Enjoy and sorry for spamming the fanart -w-;;;

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improvement, OC sketch, one shot, pencil, scrap paper, sketch, spamming, traditional
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