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Jedi General Sephiroth
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STILL NO BACKGROUND, flat on ideas, I'll reupload if I get any.

Ok soooo this was made as a Christmas gift for SaiKat, but I still haven't got any idea what background to crop up for it (considering I would've had time... I swear, my tablet is going to grow moss) so I've delayed uploading it here.

The ideas behind it are as following:

  • the idea to draw Sephiroth from Final Fantasy as a Jedi General, came because the gift receiver was both a Star Wars and a FF fan, so seeing as Sephiroth is a General and has a sword, why not?
  • the stance is a combination between Sephiroth's preferred attack stance and the opening stance of form Soresu of lightsaber combat, so it's slightly elevated from the typical Soresu. Now, if I were to choose on his fighting style, the Djem So form that Anakin Skywalker uses would have been more appropriate, seeing as they have a lot of similarities in mentality, fighting style, personality etc etc but I'm just more fond of Soresu. This was the reason why I chose an expression of determination instead of a slightly sadistic one coupled with a smirk.
  • the outfit and the colors for it are inspired from Obi-Wan and Anakin's outfits from the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
  • the lightsaber is modeled after the sentinel type standard hilt from the game Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.
  • red would have suited him as a lightsaber color but that would've meant I had to make him a sith, and to toss away those green eyes for yellow? no way.


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crossover, Final Fantasy, General, Jedi, lightsaber, Sephiroth, Star Wars
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