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Drawn for a friend from Japanese class ^^. When I heard it's going to be something from To Love-Ru I just asked for something normal...xD And this was in my definition of normal (on the borderlines somehow)

It took some time (3-4 hours) , and it was really fun to draw somehow^^.
I'm happy with the result. Not sure will he be, as her legs accidentally didn't fit on the paper xP I'm practicing shading .
This was just me taking a break from studying- something I will (very probably) not be able to do until Christmas. The next week has to be one of the most difficult ones I've ever had in school.
"Let's not have 'final' grades at the end of the 'first semester' ", they said . "It will be much easier ", they said. Yeah, much easier for the teachers , and all the bad students . I just have loads of work in the last weeks, in which I usually had free time since I'd get rid of everything earlier and the bad students had to correct their grades then.
Well, can't wait for the break and Christmas and free time ^-^~~~~

And, I know I have a few more requests to finish ..>.>; Sorry *bows*
(if you think I have forgotten about something, feel free to remind me! ^^ 'cuz it might have happened)
Also, if anyone wants to request something , go ahead :D *starts singing "It's Christmas time~~ " * I'd get it done in a few years , but hey :P

Pointless description is pointless.ˇˇ

To Love-Ru Fan Art
"it'll be normal" he said, A171, candy, Coca, December, dots, eyes, girl, haha, Mikan, Mikan Yuuki, oh my xD, only 2 more weeks, pencil, ponies and cupcakes, smile, to love-ru, why am I writing random things
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