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Gifts KiKaiya: Thanks for the sub Elix!! ^^ gdaneqa: happy birthday~~~~ :) Katherine Talbot: Happy B-Day! KiKaiya: Happy Birthday! Have a wicked day friend KiKaiya: Happy Birthday! Have a wicked day friend Morbid Dollie: Congrats on the promotion! ;D time line: be my friend TheDarkAngel: Happy Halloween! Katherine Talbot: Happy Halloween! Katherine Talbot: Thinking of You... Carina1301: happy birthday! :) Bleachic: Happy Birthday girl <33 vdr-07: happy b-day :) Allie Elric: happy birthday! =] KiKaiya: Happy Birthday!! *throws confetti* Moofins: Happy Birthday <3 ChaosValentine: May you have a fine birthday... Demiyah: �haPPii birTHday!! (����)� Katherine Talbot: Happy B-Day! Darlin' ~hugs you~ sasusaku 4ever: Happy Birthday :) TheDarkAngel: Happeh Birfday~! Make a wish~! :D dyanaanime: Happy birthday, Eli ; ) SaiKat: Happy Birthday! <3 Immortal Queen: love chuuuu oxoxox Immortal Queen: One Immortal Queen: Good Immortal Queen: A Immortal Queen: It's Immortal Queen: Hope Immortal Queen: You Immortal Queen: To Immortal Queen: Birthday Immortal Queen: Happy gdaneqa: HAPPY BITRHDAY!~~~ Immortal Queen: swords are fun to stab people with hehe! Alucard: A box fit for Pandora.... Katherine Talbot: Happy Easter! Immortal Queen: Pretend it has young walter on it! Bleachic: A chocolate bunny for you girlie! <3 Immortal Queen: Happy Easter!!!!! Moofins: *lick* :3 Moofins: I'm sorry, pandi. Allie Elric: Thanks! ;] fma17: To record your promotions! Congrats :) Allie Elric: Thanks& Cupid's arrows to go with it. x3 Alucard: Happy Valentines Day from Old Alucard... kyouyarenge: Happy Singles Awareness Day! :3 SaiKat: Happy V-day <3 Bleachic: And a sweet treat too :3 Bleachic: To my dear friend on Valentines Day :3 ChaosValentine: I do not celebrate this but... Immortal Queen: Happy Valentines to my partner in crime! : Happy Valentine's Day Support KIRA: Happy Valentine's Day! Starscream: Happy Valentines to you too! :D Alucard: A token of my growing appreciation...... Allie Elric: ( ���) krokun: missu2!! hope everything is fine :3 Katherine Talbot: I Miss You Too! Katherine Talbot: Miss You! Katherine Talbot: Merry Chirstmas! Demiyah: HaVe a HapPy HoliiDaY!  .(^.^). : Thanks! ^^ zero guardian: CONGRATS! KiKaiya: Thanks! ^^ ~Sorry I love halloween. lol Bleachic: To a new friend! *^o^* : Ur awsome too stinamuffin: Thanks for the sub! :D Moofins: I am uber happy to see I can send pie :] Moofins: It's magic to make you feel better. Moofins: Nom nom nom Moofins: tee hee I tooked a bite ^-^ : Heh, I thought this appropriate. MandaNoel07: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! mari uchiha: Happy Birthday!!!!! sasusaku 4ever: happy happy birthday!!!! <3 Heartkruez: ZOMG HAPPY FRIGGIN BIRTHDAY! Teapot Domescam: I had pie, so you can have some too XD SRV: Have a wonderful BDay!! Heiress: Happy Birthday!!! EclipseDragon: Happy Birthday! CloakedSchemer: its a birthday brick! =D OtakuGothGirl: Hope you like ramen^_^ Deathstar666: For being a good sister to my GF! OtakuGothGirl: For you my friend Sakuranai: Here You Go. I just you needed this!! SystemMalfunction: CUPCAKEEEE! :} SweetHeart7441: yummy for ur tummy!!!!^_~ thanks SystemMalfunction: Pocky! Yay! Ghostwnd: To my new friend TrinityLight: your too kind :D JADgirl: To my new friend!!
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