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Yo! It is I, beloved blood with my 2nd anniversary challenge for this year ;)... and no iPhone walls challenges?!
What's going on, peeps?! What's going on here?!

It is a simple challenge! Since the 25th anni of FF is approachin', make a wallpaper of it!
Any game is fine :D, even the spin-offs such as Crystal Chronicles, Tactics, Dissidia, etc.
As with my previous challenge, tell me your favorite character(s) (series or game... it doesn't matter >_<), and the first game that you played. Tell us a sweet ol' memory (or not so sweet) of it too, if you want... or what you like about FF games.

Ahem, my example here:

My favorite characters are Zack and Angeal (FFVIICC), Kain (FFIV), and Lightning (FFXIII). I love Orphan's design (sorry, just had to put that).
The first game I actually played was FFXII, which in my opinion, was one of the best games I'd ever played. There were plenty of places to explore, plenty of diffrent monsters to hunt (man, I loved hunting), secret bosses and weapons to discover, plus a great storyline, soundtrack and characters! I still play it to this day! I also really love Tactics (Advance [thank you, Death Seraph!] and A2). A not-so-sweet memory is the one I have of FFXII- fighting Barthandelus. Three times. My glob. So annoying. I spent most of the battles protecting Hope. I hate that guy and Yaag (you jerk). I love how FF games bring something different and familiar to the table every time, and I really like hearing the victory fanfare that plays in the games (it just gets me so pumped!)... except in FFXIII (to my great dismay, but it was still a great game).


  • The wallpapers can have any character or monster, or just the logo if you reaaaally want.
  • Keep it PG- follow the rules of theO.
  • Yaoi/Yuri are allowed (as long as it's PG!)
  • You don't have to dedicate it to me.
  • Crossovers are fine (i.e., Kingdom Hearts)
  • Everyone's welcome, even if you haven't played any FF games. If you like a particular character though, do tell :D.
  • Unlimited entries- you only have to do the fav characters and stuff for your first entry, tho.

Have lots of fun, kupo! Questions? *points to comments*

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