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EDITWHA HAHAHAHAHAH XD If you thought it was crowded then what bout now!?!? XDDDD Ahem *caugh* I'm good :P Sooo I was thinking last night since some people joined I would update this so her ya go xDrnrnEDIT(yes a second time after looking at it) o-o Odd...I went to look at it to copy the link and put it in the world and I looked down at the text part here and it had a whole bunch of random letter >:o It was annoying and I tried to find all of them and delete them but I might have missed some so if parts don't seem right cause of a few random letters added IGNORE THEM! THEY ARE NOT MY DOING!!! DXXXXrnrn~rnrnT-T wooooo...That was a lot of tags DX ....And that took a while T3T' OK! So I was originally going to just try to remake a banner but...T-T I just don't have as much time as I used to to draw...So I made a wallie in steed ^^; :'D And I finally finished it after bout a week um...Sorry that I could not put the names of the names of the peoples OC's or there username :P I didn't look good...Covered up a lot of the pics and it looked even more crowded...) rnrnPoke Gijinka Revolution(PGR for short) is a Pokemon rp by Otomi babii If you like Pokemon then you should join 8D Dedicated ta Oto-Chan :) I HOPE YOUR INTERNET CONTINUES TA WORK~! rnrnLove YaZ~!rn<~/Poochy/~>rnrn


(lol be ready X3)rnrnLopunny(Otomi Babii-Lupe*Leader*)rnrnEspeon(Naomi Bear-Estelle*CoLeader*)rnrnMeowth(Eneko-Nyarth*Vice CoLeader*)rnrnPoochyena(Littlepooch 8D me!-Poochy and Duskull(xD Me again!-Sheko*CoPoster*)rnrnFroslass(DeidaraNarutoClan-Faye)rnrnAbsol(Luna Chan-Asao)rnrnDragonair(Destainy Lost-Aire)rnrnVulpix(Wolfdemonchild9-Vixy)rnrnHoundoom(Vdr-07-Hoom)rnrnMightyena(Rein Akira-Kyoudai)rnrnMismagius(Sandlover13-Maggie)rnrnSkitty(Firestar95-Kit)rnrnVaporeon(Eiri Yuki s Lover-Vara)rnrnNidoran(F)(Moonsailor-Nina)rnrnEmpoleon(Dialga99-Emmet)rnrnUmbreon(Sasukelover001-Reo)rnrnChickorita(UltimateNejiFanG-ChiChi)rnrnZubat(Nekoz-Zuisho)rnrnLuxray(Iruka Sensei-Lux)rnrnShuppet(Animelover7310-Shupple)rnrnChimchar(Blondeinblack-Saruhi)rnrnGlameow(Kyouyarenge-Katrina)rnEevee(HopeDragon-Eva)rnrnFeraligatr(Seetherchick-Rali)rnrnGrovyle(XxSkaterChicxX-Gilana)rnFlareon(Ichigo Inuzuka-Kasai)rnrnHoundour(Dutch13-Hon)rnrnMudkip(Thyme Girl-Melody)rnrnMilotic(XfishyX-Mel)rnrnMareep(nosheep13-Merri)rnrnPiplup(Inufluffy12-Pelias)rnrnLarvitar(Japonica Chan-Larri)rnrnArcanine(KaKo Chan-Akira)rnrnFlygon(xxkittykuraxx-Fyona)rnrnBackgroundrnrnT-T wow...That took a while...And if you see anything wrong(like if someone's face is being covered or something tell me and I'll fix it! xD Ya never know if I missed something!)But enjoy~! :D

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absol, aire the dragonair, akira, animelover7310, arcanine, asao, blondeinblack, chichi, chikorita, chimchar, club, deidaranarutoclan, destainy lost, dialga99, dutch13, eevee, eiri yuki s lover, emmet, empoleon, eneko, espeon, estelle, eva, faye, feraligatr, firestar95, flareon, flygon, froslass, fyona, gijinka, gilana, glameow, grovyle, hon, hoom, hopedragon, houndoom, houndour, ichigo inuzuka, inufluffy12, iruka sensei, japonica chan, kako chan, kasai, katrina, kit, kyoudai, kyouyarenge, larri, larvitar, littlepooch, lopunny, luna chan, lupe, lux, luxray, maggie, mareep, mel, melody, meowth, merri, mightyena, milotic, mismagius, moonsailor, mudkip, naomi bear, nekoz, nidoran, nina, nosheep13, nyarth, otomi babii, pelias, pgr, piplup, poke, pokemon, poochy, poochyena, rali, rein akira, reo, revolution, rp, sandlover13, saruhi, sasukelover001, seetherchick, shuppet, shupple, skitty, thyme girl, ultimatenejifang, umbreon, update, vaporeon, vara, vdr-07, vixy, vulpix, wall paper, wallie, wolfdemonchild9, xfishyx, xxkittykuraxx, xxskaterchicxx, zubat, zuisho
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