Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) by my side.

by my side.

This card is a b-day present for a friend that doesn't have an Otaku account. Just friends on FB. :) Happy birthday, Den-chan! *hugs*

I used this scan. <3 Gah, I fell in love with it. I adore everything about it...I think it'd make a great wallpaper. If I ever got off my lazy butt, it'd be really sweet to paint. But I think I lost my skills in that department. XD; Anyway...the colors were a little bland, and the contrast wasn't that great, so I fixed it up. Sharpened some, increased the saturation a bit and messed with the levels to enhance the contrast more. :) Then I added the gradients/lighting to make it more sunset-ish lol...add more lighting behind them. I think it turned out really well. >3> The words were inspired by a couple Kylee songs I happened to be listening to at the time. XD Both lines are from different songs...I just don't remember which now lol. But they worked!!

Enjoy~ <3 Happy b-day again to Den-chan!

Sweet Pool eCards
BL, crazy, field, guys, love, sunset, sweet pool, yaoi
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