josephine12cute (eCard Portfolio) Nothing on you.

Nothing on you.

So before I become busy again, I'd like to submit at least one card for a challenge. I'm so sorry if I might miss/already missed some challenges. I'm soooo sorryyyyy ;_;

I saw the other entries and I wanted to make mine a bit different. I wanted the color burst to be just a little spot and the rest seem red/brown color scheme. This is actually more on the red/orange/brown scheme :) This took me a while to make. I've been painting these months so my Photoshop talent became rusted haha... I forgot how I use such tools :P The typography took me the longest... been a long time since I "actually" made a typography modification.

Image: ♥♥♥

Inspiration: "믿어줄래" (Count on Me) by Jay Park | Lyrics and translation | Here's an English version by him as well :D | The song is actually a cover of B.O.B.'s "Nothing on you" but Jay Park added lyrics of his own ~♥

Bonus: 500 x 500 version :)))))

Hope you like it!

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