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My babies X3
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Helloooooo!!!!!!!!!! Since Im not in the mood to color anything, I thought that this was a nice idea! XDDDDD

hahahahaha I know its not my best pic, but well I juts wanted to draw all my male ocs together! *is shot*

Sooo... well for those who dont know them:

Zein: THE CHARMER(the neko guy with the scarf)he is a romantic that really LOVES women, >//.//<, he is intelligent, always smiles and is really curious hahaha (like all the cats I guess), also really pacient, and likes to do things without any hurry...

Kimera: THE BADASS(the one with the eye patch and the tattoo on his face) he is my Bleach oc's zampakutoh human form <w< hahahah he is a serious guy that likes fights or starting them, problems, discussions and cutting things...he is also really reckless and hotheaded.

Blake: THE ANTISOCIAL(the one with the tattoos on his arm) he is cold, serious, protective, not talkative, loves animals(specially cats) and nature... and he is as hitman *shrugs* maybe thats why he is so serious...he is my antisocial baby >w<

Gil: THE COOL ONE... (the last one XD) My glaceon gijinka... he is calm, lazy, clever, sweet, gentle and loves to tease people specially women. He is also very exigent with his tastes in females and LOVES icecream XDDDD ... most of you know his personality, so yup XP

hahaha that was looong for such a simply pic! *is shot*

Plz comment and hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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blake, gil, kimera, krokun, ocs, zein
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