Sakura Kokoro (Fan Art Portfolio) Break time~

Break time~
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The Hero of Time needs a break some time, you know?


Drew Link as my stress reliever. *Sighs* I've been super tense these days...

Please ignore my failed attempt of a grassy background...I know I stink at it. m(TT A TT)m

I always, ALWAYS, ALLLLLWAAAAAYYYSS wanted to draw a sleeping Link. Why I'm drawing Link these days? Well, I'll tell you~ I've kidnapped him and keep him in my closet, making him pose for me to draw whenever I want! He'll be my stress reliever for the while. (>//w//<)o

...Don't worry, I keep him properly fed and clean ♥

Little Navi's attempts in freeing Link hasn't been successful as you can see.

( )

EDIT: Here's a progress vid of it --> (CLICK)

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