itemilicious (Fan Art Portfolio) free sketches :'D

free sketches :'D
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hjasdljkasjkldsa i tried making them neat but i failed llllOTL
hope u still like it guys ^^;

1. superstarpanou- Penelope~
2. Immortal Queen- Lady in Red~
3. Aria Sky- Detective boy (Conan?)
4. cheriepy- Cherry~
5. JanetChan- waiting for request :3
6. chibi-anna-chan- Teacup bunny!
7. Sakura Kokoro- Giri~
8. niwarabbit- Nao~
9. DixieWings- As'ad~
10. FFNaru134- Sonya~

i'm going back to school tomorrow lasdljkdsalasdk TT^TT
our school really loves us, it could wait for another day to see our faces lllorz...

btw, just pm me or comment here if u would like to have the bigger ones ;3

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temi's free sketches :D
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