BabyD AMV's Tribute 3!

Hiya everyone, I'm baaaack!! o3o and once again is challenge time!!!

I want to thanks everyone that participate in my last challenge and for having so many amazing entries and because of that I wanted to do this challenge again >3<

What I want you to do in this contest is that I want you to pick an AMV (anime music video) and do an ecard from the AMV that inspired you. It can be from any anime or videogame. The card can be but doesn't have to be the same anime or videogame from the amv.

Card made by CleaversForKids - Inspired by this AMV
Card made by Ritona Raito - Inspired by this AMV
Card made by Kami-chan.x3 - Inspired by this AMV
Card made by dazeandhope - Inspired by this AMV
Card made by Felcie - Inspired by this AMV

Pretty easy, right? ;3

Only two rules!
- Card must have the link of the AMV you choose. So that way you can give credit to the person who made the amv aaaand that way we can watch it too!! o3o
- Aaand! Must link all the resources used.
- Unlimited entries! ;D

And like my last challenges I decide to buy again the prizes and give it to the winners ;D So those who win can choose their prizes (First place choose first then second place and third place receive the remaining prize ^^;) and I will send it via mail. Obviously is gonna be private any kind of information received (mailing info). People who win but don't want the prizes the other 2 that win will receive the prizes ;)

Prizes so far
Fairy Tail 11 Celestial Keys Set
Huger Games Mockingjay Pin - X
Hetalia: Axis Powers - Japan Chibi Figure - X
Hetalia: Axis Powers - France Chibi Figure
11 cm Luffy (One Piece) Figure
4~5 cm Sawada Tsunayoshi Gashapon Figure - X
4~5 cm Gokudera Hayato Gashapon Figure - X
4~5 cm Hibari Kyoya Gashapon Figure
7 cm Yamamoto Takeshi Figure
6.5 cm Mukuro Rokudo Figure - X
7 cm Hibari Kyoya Figure - X
Pop! Marvel Thor Vinyl Bubble-head - X
Gaara's gourd Necklace - X
Naruto's Leaf Village Symbol Necklace - X
Sasuke Uchiha's Mangekyo Eye Necklace - X
Azumanga Daioh the Omnibus manga (686 pages) - X
Evangelion You are (not) alone dvd movie - X
Goku Chibi figure - X
More prizes soon ;3



Sorry for taking so long choosing the winners, this was by far the most difficult contest that I had to pick winner since all the entries were so amazing! That's why this time again I ask for help to decide the winners.

Thank you too all the judges who help me decide the winners you guys really helped me a lot, this was super difficult to do it alone TT^TT

Me (BabyD)
Team Plasma N
Blue Latte
yumei hearts u

Winners Announcement!

1 - M E T A M O R P H O S E by AriesXzeroSeven

2 - concrete angel. by Angel Zakuro

3 - This is the s t o r y of u s a l l; by Ritona Raito

4 - staple.stable by bellpickle

5 - He [Ate] My Heart by Ikemarth

6 - Open your eyes... by Hanako Sho

7 - Today... by Aishia

This time because of so many amazing entries I decide to add a 7th place, If I could I would've added 20! T^T seriously too many awesome entries. Anyways soon the winners will be receiving a PM with the info about how to choose and reclaim the prizes.

Thank to everyone who participate seriously there wasn't even one entry that I didn't love, all of them were simply amazing! *bows* Promise next challenge will be more winners and prizes!!! >:3

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Challenge completed
M E T A M O R P H O S E ~AriesXzeroSeven
concrete angel. ~Angel Zakuro
This is the s t o r y of u s a l l; ~Ritona
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