Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) hoping to see.

hoping to see.

Ah, I am just making this challenge! I kept wanting to enter it forever ago. XD Then I'd be like, "Well, there's still plenty of time..." So now I'm barely making the deadline lol.

I love this game. >3< The style is gorgeous (Vanillaware is amazing!), and it's really fun...and the soundtrack is great. Anyhoo, this is Yuzuruha, one of the kitsune that help out the main characters. Original scan here. She has the bootay, while Kongiku has the big bust. XDD Anyhoo, I didn't do a whole lot to the scan other than sharpen it, add some gradients, and also add a texture. :) Then the text...I guess it looks ok. I don't normally do drop-shadows, but I wanted to try it.

For this challenge, you need to make an icon to go with it, so here you go:
No Text (I like better) | With Text (not the same text as the card though)

Dedicating this to Capri-chan because she's been real helpful lately, having to put up with my ranting. XD So thank you girl!! And I know you love video games. I don't know if you have a Wii so could play this...but I def recommend it!

Muramasa: The Demon Blade eCards
fox, hope, icon, kitsune, sexy, umbrella, yuzuruha
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