Hanaro Souhi (eCard Portfolio) >>Don't see my {TEARS.}<<

>>Don't see my {TEARS.}<<

Hello!Yes,a long time no see my dears!~ [I really miss this place...T^T]

This is my entry for the challenge:"Because I'm stupid" from my dear PearlSky-chan!^_^
I personally liked the effects of this card!XD

The scan from "Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni"[it took me a long time to learn to speak that name without error!LOL!] I never saw the anime,but when I was thinking about my feelings for the challenge,I remembered of this image.And I was lucky to find it on Minitokyo!^_^

Shion is now my favorite character on "Higurashi"!LOL!~

This card is a bit different.I made some bars for the typography and put some glows around her face!~
A texture,colorful layers,some effects and finished!XD

I hope you like my card!~ [I'm making a wallpaper,and someday I'll finish it...I think I'll submit another card tomorrow,cards are easier to make for me...^_^']

Thanks for all the comments and support!*hugs*


Yup,I'm stupid.
I hide my true feelings from everyone.Nobody knows how I feel.
I tried to reach my dream and I really did my best even though I know I could not.
My friends are happy because they were able to achieve their own dreams [I'm sad and I still can't gather the strength to congratulate them,but please don't think that I'm not happy for them...!Because I'm very very happy for their efforts paid off.This feeling is really true.]but...It's very hard to know that you were left behind,right?

I can be smiling and saying "I'm great!Don't worry about me!~",but my heart is all destroyed...I cry hidden because it's hard to keep it.
I don't want nobody worry about me...So I'll keep smiling,even though it might hurt myself a lot...I'll try not to be weak in front of them.
But sometimes I really wanted the people understand me or give me a simple hug.

I've always been a failure.I knew that.And I'm stupid because I thought I could change it with my own effort.



*Artist:Fujiwara Warawara [Image from Minitokyo]

*Texture: [DeviantArt]

...Take care everyone!~ Thanks for reading and I'm sorry for anything.

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