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Text Reads: Moon Walker-journey under a sea of stars~

Well it was pretty hard for me to decide my "favorite" character, since I can be rather picky about that. I think my current may be Sebastian....but I decided to take a different approach.

My very first favorite--Lord Sesshomaru from Inuyasha

Why did he become my favorite? I honestly do not know...I DO know he set the standards for all of my favorites to follow. And he is the one who made me have certain fetishes.... >.>; *coughs* Silver Hair *coughs* attitude problem i.e. nobility *coughs* Yeaaaah....

I just love the person he is. He's noble and honorable, yet he's willing to put himself on the line for people he cares about. Even though he doesn't outwardly express that or admit it. For example, he's had his issues with Inuyasha, and yet he has truly wished to protect his younger when he learned that Tetsusaiga was what kept Inuyasha sane, he gave up his pursuit of it. Things like that. And do I really need to go there with Rin? LOL A tiny human girl, beings whom he supposedly hates, yet he protects her with all that he is. :)

Aside from all that...physically he is what I adore as well. Moon symbol + Silver hair + Mystical air + STRENGTH = WIN ;)

Enjoy! comments/hugs/faves always appreciated!

Brushes: Deviantart
Render: PlanetRenders

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