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This took me forever to make man.

I wanted to make a wall where you could see from ten years ago, back when Terra, Aqua, and Ventus was around, to now where Sora and Riku are the heros. And I wanted to have a little bit of images to show the adventures they all had faced through out the years. So here's the result of what I wanted. I'm pretty pleased with this, besides it doesn't have enough of the journey's they had. But that couldn't be helped. Not without having to start all over.
It took me over a good hour and a half, and had about 40 layers by the time it was done.

I lost some of the links for the images so for that I do apologizes.

Here is the film roll I used in it. Link

Here is the one from Birth By Sleep I used - Link

And here is the one for Dream Drop Distance - Link

Here are the rest of the images I have the links to.

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My favorite from the game.
I dunno who it is, I think it's Riku. He used to be my favorite til I got Kingdom Hearts 2 where I feel in love with Roxas. But after time I played Rebirth/Reverse and re-fell in love with Riku. So I can't really say. But I like many others too.

First game I played.
It was actually the very first game I ever played on a playstation 2. And the first one I played was the first Kingdom Hearts
I got it for Christmas many years ago.

Kingdom Hearts Wallpapers
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Kingdom Hearts- The Way to Dawn

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