hey, welcome to a blah blah site with oodles of lost personality xDDD


bah! this is bugging the heck out of me now! every time i click on the 'new comments' or 'new comment replies' this pops up:
"A database error has occured with the following application: . Description of the error associated with the script: An error occured while executing a query. The database error occured on: Monday 30th of June 2008 11:51:44 AM The url of the reported page: http://www.theotaku.com/backroom/dashboard/comments/ "
so i have no idea what i'm being commented on because the page NEVER loads

tasukete...? help...?

(sorry, i don't have time to make a picture post (i gots to go work :[ to make moola :], but more coming soon i swear!!!! lol)


hey look at me, posting two days in a row! *thumbs up*
so i promised some pictures from our recent camping trip, but i suppose i'll have to do one per post since theO has strict limits on html usage...

this is half moon bay, california (and one of my favorite shots i got on the trip). it was the last evening--if you look closely, there are still a handful of surfers in the water. i was lucky to get a few snaps of them in action as well. the sky is a bit hazy because of the marine layer (just the natural mist from the ocean) and because of all of the fires in cali right now.
i awoke the last morning camping with an inspiring feeling--luckily a had brought some paper along ;]

'I awoke with an exciting realization this morning:
I'm almost on my own
can you believe it?
now, what to do?
oh, what a grand adventure!
Free to do anything I want
Mistake or not, it's all just a learning experience
Life: "take it with a grain of salt"
It's so colorful, you won't need much.
Now is the time for goal-seeking
See each beauty of every country
Learn every language that's new to you
Show the world that peace is possible
Free the music that's living in you'

a bit cheesy, but i rather like the ending. it reminds me of miyavi's songwriting in a way...just the positive 'do your own thing, pick yourself up when you fall' type thing, though he's pro at writing lyrics and i'm...blah. prose is my forte, not poetry lol


hey everyone, how's the weather? (lol)
it is extremely smokey in california and has been for a while now. just too many fires and perfect wind conditions to push all of the smoke into the central valley ie. where i live -_-;
my parents and i just got home from camping by the coast though, so that provided some relief. it was my first time 'roughing it' as well haha, so it was a wonderful experience. we were right up against the shore, so at night the waves were loud and the wind strong but i thuroughly enjoyed myself. i hadn't been to the ocean in so long...
on our way down, we drove through san francisco. i practically started hyperventilating (sp?) because my mind was stuck on thinking i was going to see miyavi again, as if he lived in san fran and i was going to visit him at his pad or something xDD it was quite amusing in my own wacky little fangirl world. (i saw myv perform at slim's in may during his world tour--AMAZING)
i amost started crying when we got to the more naturally scenic part of the drive--it just hit me how lucky i am living in california, and the world for that matter, where we have all of these beautiful things to see and experience, and i realized i had been taking for granted what i live around when i started wondering how many of you fine otakuites (lol) had ever seen the ocean or san francisco, etc. i went camera-nyappy xD so i'll share some of the best ones in my next few posts.
hmm, i think i'll stop gabbering for now xDD
Elf of Light had this tagging thing on her site, so i'll quickly fill it out...
8 things about yourself:
-i'm terrified of the dark
-i hate hugs, yet long to cuddle with someone
-i enjoy commenting more than posting (haha, it's true i swear)
-i'm a nickle-noser >:} and hate spending money on food
-super seventeen and never been kissed (sorry, running out of idears here...)
-i keep thinking i'll change/end my shy ways, yet i've always been the same
-i still demand myself to believe in fairy tales
-i want to work at disneyland to pay my way through college! xDD


i'm still working on compiling a jrock world, including writing a few articles as a 'grand opening' type thing, but i wanted to let everyone know of this event since it's coming up pretty darn quickly. i wish i could go, but i live in nor cal and my parents aren't gonna drive me down (or let me drive down) to la just for a concert. awh yes, another reason i'm counting down the days til i'm 18 and have my own car, etc. etc xDDDD

this is part of anime expo (i don't think the flyer mentions that...)
my apologies if it's already sold out; i honestly haven't checked

Eaten Alive

yup, that's right. i've been eaten alive by mosquitoes...or another insect that leaves swollen bites that itch. i've never had them this bad before--they're huge, painful rashes, bigger than quarters. i've had them since friday and my mom thinks they're gonna leave scares T^T but i'm just thankful i don't have any on my face.

i signed up to take another extra college course this fall: basic clothing construction = cosplay!!! i'll finally learn how to use a sewing machine @_@ and make some cool clothes. i'm very excited, and i was the last student admitted in--ha!
don't know if i've mentioned it, i'm trying to get into japanese 01 at the college level as well this fall--problem is it's already filled. the only option i have is to go the first session and beg the professor to let me in xD i swear, that's what the counselors say to do hahaha. the prof admitted 14 extra people into his last term though, so i feel fairly convident i'll get in.

on a random note, i really, REALLY wanna go to san francisco again T^T