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doodles 2
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Slapping doodles on one post =v=

and here's the zodiac profiles :3

Scorpio: Mysterious Scorpio is the zodiac's most misunderstood sign. You're so powerful that people feel your presence, even before you've said a word! Sensitive Scorpio picks up vibes. You see every little detail, and you can read people like an open book. Once your friends get used to your high-intensity style, they know that you're fiercely loyal. Anyone who betrays you had better watch out! Like a Scorpion, you'll deliver a painful sting of revenge. Since your sign is naturally secretive, work on being more open with people. This will develop trust, and improve your relationships. Scorpio's concentration powers are amazing, but be careful not to get obsessed.

Taurus: Sensual Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Your sign loves great food, romance and beautiful things. Venus kicks your five senses into high gear, so you are are happiest when surrounded by the best of everything. Like a bull, Taurus operates at two speeds: either totally relaxed, or charging headfirst towards a target.

Leo: A natural-born leader, you love to be the boss. Leos need mega-doses of praise and appreciation, which may cause people to think you're self-centered. The truth is, you have a huge heart, and you're the zodiac's most generous sign. You're always there to help, spoil, and protect the people you love. So what if your appetite is huge? Your energy may be hard for others to match. Remember, people express love in different ways, and not everyone can show it like you do. But it's never boring to be part of your glamorous world, so let your star shine. Somebody's gotta rule, and it might as well be you!

dont mind saber and england on the bottom right >v< i ran out of zodiac doodle so i just randomly put them there

and i'm lazy to resize OTL... ///backsofftocontinuehomeworks

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