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Gifts ElleXVI: Let's be witches together! animegirl171: I got double the wishes haha ^^ animegirl171: Thank you ! :) <3 KairiJun: You're the best, Ita-chan <3. KairiJun: I hope it was a very sweet day :3 tethysal: happy birthday Keya: Happy Birthday! I hope it's a great one! Tauria: a love one & hope you're doing okay~ Tauria: Happy Beeeeelated Birthday, I hope you DeathSeraph: Happy late Birthday!I hope it was great~ Sakaira: Happy birthday Lucy77: Belated happy birthday! Best wishes~^^ nikkeh09: happy birthday!!!!! Felcie: Happy Birthday! I wish you the best! rose line: ~happy birthday!!!~ Darkarax: Happy birthday!  :) LightFykki: Happy birthday Bonnie~! Best wishes! :) Kaerlyn: Have a wonderful birthday ⥠Sarasface: Happy birthday! Snowzi: Happy Birthday! ^_^ somegirl: Too many Strawberries sweetheart :) Aryia: Great work! :D You go girl! animegirl171: Happy (late) Valentine's! <3 :) KairiJun: Thank u 4 being so kind & thoughtful ^^. KairiJun: I've missed you A LOT! <3 DeathSeraph: thank you, happy holidays to you too~! Zuzu Uchiha: Happy Holidays :) Tauria: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year~ :3 animegirl171: Thank you! You too <3 :D enkichan: thanks for the gift. have a good day too Hifsa: Happy belated Birthday! <3 DistantStar: Thank you for your words and support! LightFykki: I wish that your life gets filled with.. Vosh: :3 Hope your days are filled with love~ Viollet: Happy Valentine's Day, Ita-chan! Angel Zakuro: Happy V-day! :)) Zuzu Uchiha: Happy San Valentino (Valentines Day) ;) Hifsa: Happy Valentine's day! <3 aka yuki: Happy Valentine's day animegirl171: It really has ! <3 :) KairiJun: And...I love you! <333 :3. KairiJun: Happy Happy Happy New Year <333. Angel Zakuro: Happy new year! :) Blue Latte: Happy New Year! =D Hifsa: Happy New Year! Loads of love! <3 animegirl171: Merry Christmas,Bonnie! <3 *huggles* Valerie014: Congratulations on the promotion! ^^ Blue Latte: Congrats on the promotion! C= KairiJun: Sending some love to you ;3 Blue Latte: Not as amazing as you. XP KairiJun: I wonder who's the amazing one here >w<. KairiJun: Love & best wishes for August ( ^ ^ ). LadyAmethyst: Thank you for your help. :) PurpleMochi: YourWelcome! xD ~strawberry :3 LightFykki: Happy birthday Bonnie-chan~!! ^__^ Hanaro Souhi: Happy Birthday!~ ^_^ *hugs* aka yuki: And a sword incase of zombies aka yuki: happy Birthday to you MangaKid: Happy Birthday, Bestie!! <3 God bless u! enkichan: happy b-day ^^ Sarasface: Happy birthday! KairiJun: Have a lot of strawberries o3o. animegirl171: Happy birthday ! :D <3 animegirl171: *S* :3 animegirl171: *E* animegirl171: *L* animegirl171: *G* animegirl171: *G* animegirl171: *U* animegirl171: *H* Pennguin: u little sweetie omg MangaKid: Thanku 4 the b-day gifties Bonnie! LUV U xAsukachanx: Ita~chan thanku for the berry :3 KairiJun: Thank you very much for the kindness ^ ^ xAsukachanx: Thanku Ita~chan x3 u always send a gift~ DistantStar: Love ya darlin' gurl!<333 KairiJun: Ita-chan wa saiko desu ^ O ^. KairiJun: Because I love you <333. MangaKid: A random gift 4 u~ God bless, Bonnie! <3 KairiJun: Ita-chan is the best desu <3. KairiJun: delivering strawberry for you ^ o ^ KairiJun: I remembered that you do! Have more <333 KairiJun: you like strawberries right? o3o SuperAnimegirl33: Thank You! Here is some <3 back ^^ Viollet: Thank you Ita-chan!! >___< Blue Latte: You are the BEST!! XD Kami-chan.x3: Sendin' it back w/ hugs and kisses! :3 PurpleMochi: ~Thank you! >3< hav a strawberry :) xianlee: Thanks for the gift! ^_^ Kami-chan.x3: Thank you!! :D *huggggles* animegirl171: I don't have a <3 to send, so *huggles* Valerie014: It's okay. ^^ Thanks by the way. chocolatemud: thank you for entering my challenge ^.^ aka yuki: Just a random gifts XD Angel Zakuro: Happy Easter. : ) Amestar: Happy Easter :D Kami-chan.x3: Wishing you the best as well!!~ *hugs* Dahw!Thanks for all the wonderfulgifts<3 KairiJun: one strawberry is never enough :3 KairiJun: I love you so much too dear <33. Kami-chan.x3: GAWD I LUV YUUU!~ Kami-chan.x3: Happy St. Patrick's Day!! <3 <3 <3 KairiJun: you're too sweet for words ;A; xianlee: Hey! For you amazing person :) SweeTea: Love u as well!!!<3 FOREVER. MangaKid: And because we r great friends too^^ <3 KairiJun: You're one of the sweetest here ^__^. Miyawa: Thank you as well for subbing :) Sarasface: You too! Thank you! toyotami kun: Happy Late Valentine's day! ^ u ^ animegirl171: Love ya too! ^-^ <3 aka yuki: Happy Valentines Day itemilicious: happy <3 day!! Lucy77: Happy Valentines day!^^ <3 <3 <3 Felcie: Happy Valentine's Day sweetie <3 Blue Latte: Love you too ;) Happy Valentine's Day! DistantStar: HAPPY SINGLE'S DAY SWEETIE! <333 xAsukachanx: Happy Valentine's Day too Ita~chan :3 skitty999: Happy V-day my lovely metalb2: Happy Valentines Day LGA775: Aww <3 you 2 Happy V-day..:) : wuvs you! xD : Have a Lovely Valentine's Day!! x3 MangaKid: Happy Valentine's Day 2 u 2, dear!! <3 X MAGE X: Happy Valentine's day to you too. :3 SweeTea: Happy V-day to u too! Luv u so much!! ;D LightFykki: And a rose to you! Happy Valentine's day KairiJun: Happy Valentine's Day! Love you dear <33 KairiJun: You're awesome!Thanks 4 being so sweet. BabyD: Happy Valentine's Day! X3 InsaneGrellLuver: Happy Valentine's day to you too :) LGA775: Awww you're the best^^ Thank u..Hugs!!! MangaKid: Love you so!! <3 animegirl171: Random giftie back at you! <3 x3 : Another flower 2 add 2 your wallpaper ^^ Morrow: Thank you ^^ KairiJun: Thanks for the love! :3 Murder Princess: Happy New Year!! ;D LGA775: thank u my friend You too..Hppy new year : Best Wishes to you in the New Year! ^^ BabyD: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ^__^ Kami-chan.x3: Happy Holidays!! *huggggles* XD beloved blood: Happy Holidays to you too~â¥â¥â¥!!! apple pai: Merry Christmas to you too dear :) Judai Winchester: I love u Asuka! Merry Xmas~Judai<3 Blue Latte: Merry Christmas!! : Merry Christmas 2 U as well my friend ^^ DistantStar: Merry early X-mas!! :) Party lots<333 Zuzu Uchiha: ^_^ happy holidays Kami-chan.x3: You're too sweet (Â´Îµï½ )â¡ Kami-chan.x3: Thanks for the sweet message /hugs <3 animegirl171: Yes, I hope you've been well too :)) Judai Winchester: Strawberrie4u<3Becuz ur sweet~Judai MangaKid: Love you!! Pink rose means sweetness^^ Blue Latte: Ur welcome. Thanks for the cute heart X3 DistantStar: Some flowa powa for ya before the snow! DistantStar: LUV YOU SO MUCH BESTIE :) <3333333333333 : Same here, thank you! animegirl171: For your collection  xP Aria Sky: Aww, you're welcome! ^^ X MAGE X: Rubber Duckies Rule!!!! animegirl171: Does a rose show my feelings? xD <33 animegirl171: I can't send hearts sadly xD MangaKid: Happy Thanksgiving, Bonnie! ^^ ElleXVI: You are an amazing friend, thank you! LightFykki: Thank you for all the gifts tha you sent catsworld: Oh gosh thank you ;w; Aria Sky: Waa~ thank you!! :D MangaKid: Aww Bonnie!! I LOVE U SO MUCH 2!!!! DistantStar: You know what this is for ;) izuzu15: Thank you! DistantStar: I'm sorry. Feel better soon, kay? <3 MangaKid: Hey u guessed it!!! I'M BACK!!! *hugs*<3 animegirl171: Aw, I LOVE YOU TOO! <3 *HUGGLES* :3 DistantStar: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Kami-chan.x3: Happy happy birthday to an amazing one! Judai Winchester: Another gift 4 u! Happy b-day dear! Judai Winchester: Happy birthday friend! Strawberry 4 U :D LightFykki: Happy happy happy happy birthday!! 8D : Happy Birthday! Have a Nice one! ^^ animegirl171: *hugs* Best whishes from me ^_______^ animegirl171: Thank you for being you :) EcardBeast12: Thanxx for helping DistantStar: Thank you<33333333333333 :) LGA775: Promise I'll be back soon my friend Hugs LightFykki: Aw, thank you!! ^_^ Random but sweet. :) phantomgirl21: Aww Thank you friend you're awesome to!! Kami-chan.x3: :D Because you're sweet. xAsukachanx: Thanx Ita~chan xD You're amazing as well Ikemarth: Aww thankyou! You're just as amazing! <3 MangaKid: Thanku^^ but u r the bestest my friend! animegirl171: Thank you as well !<3 Hugs! Keep up the great work my friend:D animegirl171: Thank you! :3 And I misssss you! <3 Dark Flame 3479: *flails* YOU'RE TOO NICE <3 you too! :3 Everlasting Light: Thank you ^-^ : Thank you for the Gift! ^^ MangaKid: Happy Easter  to u too, my dear friend! Dark Flame 3479: Baw~ Thanks Bonnie! I've missed you too~ animegirl171: Adding to your collection :) reichiinya: Thank you so much for the gift! Lucy77: a gift for you :) X MAGE X: Happy Valentine's day dude! :P :D aka yuki: Happy Valentines Dark Flame 3479: Happy Valentine's Day~ :D MangaKid: Happy Valentine's Day <3 BabyD: Happy Valentines Day!! X3 animegirl171: Happy Valentine's ~! :3 Morbid Dollie: Happy Valentine's Day! Dark Flame 3479: Thanks for being my partner as well! :D : Thanks for joining my Challenge! ^^ MangaKid: You are an awesome friend!! X MAGE X: Happy New Year!!!! :3 infinatelove42: Happy New YEARS!!!! DistantStar: Happy New Years, good luck in 2012! BabyD: Merry Christmas!! MangaKid: All the best on your exam, Bonnie^^ : Welcome to the One Piece FanClub! ilovetamaki: No problem ^-^ Dark Flame 3479: Thanks! You're the best you know~<3 :D Ibnul2207: Pls help me Dark Phoenix: Thanks for the sub! MangaKid: Get well soon, friend! Talk 2 u later^^ beloved blood: Thanks for the subs<3!! Aria Sky: congrats on winning my round! Hulaberry32: Thanks for all the gifts! <3 : For being thoughtful. <3 yuuki fiedell: subs back!~~ =^__^= MangaKid: Thx 4 the nice comments!! ^_^ <3 MangaKid: Thx 4 the gifts! Im happy ur my friend<3 X MAGE X: MY BIG SISTER!!!! HUGGLES <3   :D X MAGE X: Y X MAGE X: A X MAGE X: D X MAGE X: H X MAGE X: T X MAGE X: R X MAGE X: I X MAGE X: B X MAGE X: Y X MAGE X: P X MAGE X: P X MAGE X: A X MAGE X: H kandafan: thnxs X MAGE X: Thanks for the sub :D Dark Flame 3479: Thanks! :D Hope all's well with you~ : thank you. i love strawberries! <3 you? : your welcome. i love making people happy animegirl171: ..types of fruit to send. So for the end animegirl171: Too bad that there aren't more... animegirl171: Me <3 strawberries :) animegirl171: ..sent me were really yummy!  :D animegirl171: Some strawberries  too^^ The ones you... : your awesome too. *^-^* : thanks for being my friend ^-^* animegirl171: Hope you'll have better luck ~ :) animegirl171: I'm happy that you're back my friend ~:) : Thank you for subbing! ^_^ ecnelisterger: Congrats for the promotion! :D rosel D: Happy Valentines~ <3 animegirl171: Happy Valentines <3   :) phantomgirl21: Strawberries say Winner to me!!! ecnelisterger: All the best for 2011~ :D Hanaro Souhi: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too!~ rosel D: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year too~! NeKo MoonShine: Merry christmas and new year's 2 u 2.^^ Immortal Queen: Thank you for entering snow fun! ecnelisterger: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! autumngirl14: J'adore les fraises : thank you
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