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So this was the painting that had me tied up for almost 4 days.
Legolas from Lord of the Rings! I never even saw him in the movies since my family watched first two movies while I was on my trip and I was sick when they watched the third xD and I'm not even a Lotr fan.
I don't even know why I wanted to paint Legolas... He just was stuck in my mind when I thought of doing a realistic artwork. xD

I digitally painted this using SAI and my tablet... Its one of my first official digital paintings (edit: I've done digital work before, but they usually are just my lineart needing to be coloured) xD I've wanted to work on some different types of art lately and now that I've finally learnt some techniques for digital, I'm looking forward to trying more! :)

Dedicated to LightFykki! You can call this a late birthday gift xD A while ago, I saw that An-chan sketch Legolas for you and said that he was one of your favourite characters? So I hope you like this ^_^ Thanks for being an awesome friend!

Ref picture used (which can be seen HERE but dont look at it cuz its so perfect compared to this painting >3<
Please view in high-resolution and sorry for the watermark.

Lord of the Rings Fan Art
archer, digital, elf, Legolas, Lord of the Rings, MangaKid, realistic, SAI
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