aragorn1014 (Fan Art Portfolio) A Little Bit of RokuRei <3

A Little Bit of RokuRei <3
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Art trade with FUNimation!!<333
Her Kingdom Hearts OC, Rei and Roxas!<3 Because I love RokuRei<3

She already completed her half...more than a year ago! OTL I'm SOOO sorry for the lateness... *sighs* Just to give you all an idea of how late this is, she finished her half in August of LAST year. OTL

So yes...I'm a horrible fail and I'm so sorry I took this picture to experiment with some things, but I really like it actually, so I hope you do too, Ima-chan!

Anyways...long time no submit guys!! I'm REALLY sorry I haven't been around, but I literally JUST finished the heap load of work I have been doing, particularly study abroad applications and such. @[email protected]

Several things to point out that I did in terms of experimentation:
1) SIMPLE CONCEPT. xD I haven't tried doing something this simple since 2009 with my Peek into Wonderland picture LOL. So this time I tried to go for blatantly simple so see if I could do it.

2) Second time doing pencil lineart since a Cloud drawing I did...I think in 2009? Haha I wanted to see if I had improved any and I want to say I did? OTL not sure...but it was a HEINOUS process and i'm probably never doing lineless ever again. xD

3) I realize I've never done a canvas where two people are upside down from one another xD So yeah. haha or if I have, I just don't remember. LOL

And those are about it!! It's kind of messy OTL but it's not as bad as I thought it'd be and honestly I think it turned out pretty well. ^^ I like how it turned out overall and I hope you all do too!!

Thank you SO much Ima-chan for doing this (SUPER BELATED) trade with me!! I'm sorry it doesn't compete with your lovely half with Riiya and Cloud OTL but I hope you like it nonetheless because it was SO much work. @[email protected] Half of the problem was due to my experimenting with it LOL sorry! ^^;

Anyways, it's great to be back everyone and hopefully I'll see you all around soon!! (I'll work on comments and messages dakhglasdg!)

Take care everyone!

Done in Paint Tool SAI and pencil
Textures from DA...I can't remember who though. T__T

Roxas and Kingdom Hearts(c)Square Enix


Kingdom Hearts Fan Art
aragorn1014, background, blue, clean, FUNimation, red, rei, rokurei, roxas, simple
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