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Bashful Kross
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So I started playing Rune Factory: Frontier, and I'm disappointed that there's not a girl version asdfjkldsa! DDDD: If I were playing as a girl, I would have gone for Kross!

Kross does have a very depressing character, but I noticed that, as I got to know him more playing as a guy, he's actually really bashful and caring~ xDDD Especially when he starts stuttering LOL! Sooo cute~ Gahhh, why do I have to be a guyyyy? D:

xDD Anywho, ENJOY! Haha! I keep on staring at my drawing and see how adorable Kross looks~ (Which the scanner totally killed btw haha)

Some colors are incorrect haha... I was referencing from my TV and on the right side, it has some wacky visual defects and I forgot~ LOL!

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