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I made this wallpaper ages ago >.<' I remember how hard it was to get it the way I envisioned though. I was so very picky after all the time I took to extract Ciel and Seb. *laughs* I always seem to have extreme dedication when it comes to my favorite butler though. <3

I wanted the scene to be very peaceful, and reminiscent of the final episode. I played with the backdrop for ages, and also tried to get all the nasty little scan residue off of the main focus, which I accomplished after effect after effect lawls. Also after painting over major fusses. The font was fun to add, and I rather like the bar running across~

Anyhow, please enjoy~
comments/hugs/faves always appreciated~

Scan: Minitokyo
Background: ....I think it was from Zerochan..
I lost the links to both of these since so much time has passed.

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